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Eat In or Take Away

Corporate Bullshit

We hereby want to express our sincere apologies to all fans of corporate BS. Due to massive overuse in our previous carreers, we have unfortunately been permanently suspended from the global corporate BS library and this means that we can no longer use any such vocabulary. Instead we have to stick to a short consice message about ourselves.

We focus on great quality food with a taste that is easy to fall in love with. Enjoy the full experience in the restaurant or take a piece of it with you to relish at home. Whether you come by yourself or together with friends, in your best partydress or in your working gear, you are always welcome to Lucky Diner!

With Love

Lucky Diner Höllviken

Falsterbovägen 79

236 51 Höllviken

0739-22 46 29


Lucky Diner Malmö

Nobelvägen 73B

214 33 Malmö

040-44 20 00